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Announcing the finalists of the Fintech For All Competition 2017

Congratulations to all finalists

New fintechs

Established fintechs


Fintech For All Competition

A competition to find fintech startups that make financial services work for everyone


Access to financial services is an important part of everyday life. However, millions of people in the UK don’t have a bank account, or have less than £500 in savings, or can’t access affordable credit. As a result they struggle to manage their money and prepare for the future.

At the same time, the UK is No.1 for fintech globally. The best startups in the world are based here and they are revolutionising financial services.

Fintech For All is an opportunity to showcase how this innovation can contribute to solving financial inclusion and improving the financial capability of people in the UK.



Meet Our Judges


Executive Director for UK Financial Capability, Money Advice Service


Vice-Chair, Financial Inclusion Commission


Innovation Expert, Advisor and Super Connector




CEO & Co-founder, 11:FS


Managing Partner, Seedcamp

We want to hear from you if your fintech company helps people to do any of the following:

  • Start actively saving and plan for the unexpected
  • Confidently manage money and track day-to-day financial transactions
  • Facilitate access to financial products through innovations in credit scoring and ID/address requirements
  • Understand and manage credit better
  • Identify and access more suitable financial products


Applications are encouraged from both B2B and B2C fintech and insurtech companies who:

  1. Can demonstrate how their product or service helps British people in the five areas above; and
  2. Are headquartered in the UK

There are two categories:

  1. Established fintechs: > 5,000 users if B2C or 3+ business clients if B2B
  2. New fintechs: at least an MVP in testing (or ready to test by the 20th of October) or < 5,000 users if B2C or < 3 business clients if B2B




  • Customer insight support from the Money Advice Service, worth at least £70k to your business
  • The Experian Spotlight Award
  • Collaborate with Citizens Advice
  • $50k worth of transaction processing fees from Stripe and mentoring from Head of Startup Growth
  • 2 complimentary tickets to Money20/20 Europe 2018 for each winner
  • The Head of Financial Inclusion and the Head of Digital Inclusion at Lloyds Banking Group to give mentoring to winners
  • Expert mentoring sessions with Money Advice Service, Mustard Seed Ventures, Bethnal Green Ventures, Toynbee Hall and Ascension Ventures
  • See more in Prizes section

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Did you know?


1 in 5 can’t understand a bank statement
2 in 5 have just £100 in savings
1 in 6 is experiencing serious difficulties as a result of their debts
1 in 5 is not saving anything for retirement
1 in 33 adults doesn’t even have a bank account
31% of people have at least 1 sign of financial stress
24% of households have no savings
8m people are over-indebted

How it works

The top three applications from each category will be invited to an award ceremony on the 15th of November where they will pitch in front of expert judges who will decide on the final winners. Runners up in each category will also get a chance to attend the event and showcase their product or service.




Before 20th October deadline – takes approx. 20 mins



20 – 31 October – expert panel of judges score the applications based on their impact



End of October – three finalists per category announced



15th November – pitching contest and awards ceremony